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In the hectic life of today's teen one might think that they would be hard pressed to gain weight. They are constantly moving around trolling malls, or in general getting into mischief. However, for every teenager that is highly active there are several more than lead and lifestyle that is far more sedentary.

When you add in a little envy and celebrity idolization into the mix and you have a large base of people that want to look thin and beautiful. Unfortunately, many of them are willing to overlook dangerous potentialities of modern supplements in the name of acquiring this beauty.

So, as a parent or concerned mentor, what exactly can be done to keep the children of today safe as they try out supplemental possibilities? Are there any methods to curtail this madness?

Yes, of course there are. The most useful of these methods is simple observation. Follow this up with the acquisition of knowledge as it relates to any supplement the teen may desire to try. Finally, sit them down and have an in-depth discussion of the reasons why they wish to take a weight loss supplement should be addressed before allowing them to use such a method.

Observation is a key component to the safety of any teen. Seek out any warning signs of negative body image that may be deemed excessive. This can lead to a dependency on crash diets and the misuse of weight loss supplements.

If your child is taking supplements, or asks you if they can, determine everything you can about the product. Some supplements are natural and have nutrients that can be beneficial besides causing loss of weight, such as the acai berry. Other supplements have no real medicinal benefit beyond accelerating the metabolism or causing a diuretic effect that is actually damaging to the body. A diuretic will cause a loss of water weight that may severely dehydrate the one consuming the product.

The final item to address is at once the easiest and most difficult step. You will need to sit down with the teen and have a long talk about how they feel about themselves and what steps beyond consuming supplements they have taken, or will take in the future, toward losing weight and becoming healthier.

This is where you can take all the information you gathered about supplements and healthy living to impress upon them the methods for achieving the results

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